Google Chrome Receives Material Design Overhaul


Google chrome receives material design overhaul as a part of the experimental development. Chrome’s UI has remained the same for a long period, but Google has started releasing updates for the past several months, indicating a complete “material design” refresh.

The tech company launched a new version of the Chrome Canary browser for developers and early adopters. The company seems to give Chrome users a clear view of the future of most popular internet browser on the planet.

The new version of Canary is now available for Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS.
Canary is an early-release, experimental version of Google’s web browser Chrome that has the latest features in development.

Chromium is an open-source browser project started by Google that forms the basis for the Chrome web browser. It was developed with an aim to provide the source code for the proprietary Google Chrome browser.

The overhaul features a new address bar, refreshed tab shapes, and colors. A Google Chromium Evangelist Francois Beaufort announced the latest updated will contain: new tab shape, single tab mode, tab strip coloring, alert indicators, Omnibox suggestion, and pinned tabs. He says, “Plenty of things have been updated for the better in my opinion.”

The new Canary design might be the most outstanding version since Chrome launched in 2008. Francois Beaufort also said that the update is more stable and easier to explore.

Beaufort writes, “Users can set experimental flags chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md  to ‘Refresh’ and enable chrome://flags/#views-browser-windows to try it out now.”