Year Succeeding Trumps Paris exit, US Companies are Operating Renewables Boom


Year succeeding Trumps Paris exit, US companies are operating renewables boom. President Trump had declared on June 1st last year that the US would not join the Paris climate deal to which many of America’s biggest corporations vowed to maintain the agreement to practice cleaner energy and reduce emissions on their own.

However, after a year there is one branch where the promise is vastly observable and that is the renewable energy. Multitudes of Fortune 500 companies, from tech goliaths like Apple and Google to Walmart and General Motors, are willingly investing billions of dollars in new wind and solar projects to energize their functions or equalize their standard energy use becoming a key propeller of renewable electricity growth in the United States.

Malcolm Woolf, senior vice president for policy at Advanced Energy Economy, a clean energy business group said that you are certainly not observing corporations decelerate their hankering for renewables under Trump. The demand keeps on accelerating. This also means that various accounts progressively have to develop to gratify this demand.

However, one important question remains that is if these corporate renewable deals will cater to only niche markets, appending some wind and solar at the periphery but not really having an impact in comprehensive emissions or if these companies can utilize their influence to convert America’s grid and assist accompany in  a period of a low-carbon power.

According to the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Business Renewable Center, last year in the US 19 big corporations declared deals with energy suppliers to construct 2.78 gigawatt worth of wind and solar producing capability.