Sajid Javid Commits to Unveil Renewed Counter-Terrorism Strategy


Sajid Javid commits to unveil renewed counter-terrorism strategy under which suspected British jihadis will be monitored more closely. Britain will boost intelligence cooperation among the local councils, private and public sector, domestic MI5 service, government, and police to speed up the response to probable attacks.

Looking at a rise in the number of convicted terrorists released from prison, Security minister Ben Wallace said that the renewed counter-terrorism measures will tackle these terrorists.  The new strategy combines the lessons learned from the attacks in 2017 and governments’ responses to them.

The new blueprint focuses on the security service that will be warned to suspicious purchases more quickly. Technology companies will also be instructed to identify extremist content shared online.

Sajid Javid commits to unveil renewed counter-terrorism under which the government will offer new resources to track terror suspects to jail before they have accomplished their goal for an attack. Their aim is to spread alarm as quickly as possible through major firms if they find evidence of unusual transactions.

The home secretary, Sajid Javid will explain the revamped Contest strategy on Monday with a speech in central London, marking the anniversary of the London Bridge attack.

He will say: “These people want to destroy the values we hold dear, and undermine the freedoms that make us who we are.

“And there’s one other thing that Islamists and the far right have in common. As a Home Secretary with a name like Sajid Javid – I’m everything they despise.” “So the way I see it, I must be doing something right.”