Worlds Ice Sheets are Melting; Will These Aggressive Plans Prevent It?


Worlds ice sheets are melting; will these aggressive plans prevent it? For ages scientists have been investigating methods to conserve the massive sheets of ice blanketing Greenland and Antarctica, which with the increasing heat are melting and falling into the ocean.

They have presented all kinds of probable contrivances from transplanting the atmosphere with sunlight obstructing chemicals to chill the planet to cascading sea water onto the ice with the wish that it will freeze refill the lost ice.

However, these ideas have been severely criticized for their preposterous costs contemplated to be in hundreds and billions of dollars a year and the risks included. Presently, scientists have come up with a plan for safeguarding these huge glaciers and prohibiting the possibly catastrophic rise in sea levels that would take place if they disappear.

One includes safeguarding unprotected glaciers with underwater walls constructed by robots. Whereas the other initiates streaming cold water through massive tunnels dug under ice to stiffen it from slipping into the ocean.

Michael Wolovick, a glaciologist at Princeton University and one of the scientists behind the new proposals said that these geoengineering projects could postpone much of the polar glaciers from melting into the sea for centuries. There have been other ideas for consideration but the energy costs have been massive. Forcing water on top of polar glaciers also may cause water exuding to the bed of the glacier, lubricating it further and escalating the rate at which it is slipping into the sea.