The Good Doctor Vs. The Resident; Which Is The Best Medical TV Drama?

Which is the best medical TV Drama, The Good Doctor or The Resident?

With 2018 fast moving and the cold increasing, most are comforted by chance to catch some refreshing medical series, and the 2017-2018 season offerings have not failed. In fact, there are two excellent TV series currently running; The Good Doctor (ABC) and The Resident (FOX).

Both dramas are based on young doctors, but are entirely different and offer disparate kind of entertainment. Currently, it seems like ABC’s The Good Doctor has a slight edge over FOX’s The Resident at least based on the statistics we are seeing.

From Murderer to Doctor

The Good Doctor stars Freddie Highmore who we came to accept as a murderer in training when he had a role in Bates Motel for four years. It is impressive how he has switched from killing to saving, using various murder weapons to carrying a stethoscope. According to his own words, “It is (quite) nice to save people following years of killing them.” Indeed, the switch is “nice,” and the numbers cannot lie as the show now averages 17 million views per week in the USA alone. This makes it the undisputed No. 1 drama on network TV.

However, it is the drama surrounding the whole character and his role that intrigues viewers. Highmore plays the part of a young doctor, Shaun Murphy who has an autistic complex to his life. For this reason, people rally against him to be demoted back to the waiting room despite the exceptional diagnostic skills that keep him in the current position as one of the best doctors in the facility.

When The Good Doctor focuses on a young autistic doctor recruited to a prestigious hospital surgical unit, The Resident encompasses around a doctor who begins his journey under strict supervision from an experienced Dr. Conrad Hawkins who does not fear to reveal the evil and good that happens in modern medicine. The Resident airs right before The Good Doctor on Mondays, and while the former premiered in 2018, the later has been on the air since September 25th, 2017. After only ten days since its debut, The Resident is already being considered as a probable contender for the best medical dramas of the season.

A case of rookie outperforming top dogs

The Good Doctor has started 2018 in style beating the likes of NCIS, and This Is Us, although it is considered as a rookie series. The feat it has achieved by becoming the most viewed thus far is quite a remarkable accomplishment. According to the executive producer Daniel Dae Kim, Doctor Shaun (Freddie Highmore) is a different kind of doctor who, instead of getting in their way, uses natural instincts. When Dr. House asks questions from a cynical challenging front, Dr. Shaun asks from an innocent nonjudgmental angle.

It will be interesting to see how these two medical TV drama series perform in 2018 and what they hold for the future. Thus far, we can only enjoy and hope to elude the cold that is becoming more popular by the day. Stay connected for more TV and movie news, reviews and opinion pieces.

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