Firm Announces Settlement In Arkansas Oil Spill

Arkansas Oil Spill

A Little Rock, Ark. law firm representing victims of a 2017 Exxon Mobile oil spill said Thursday they had settled on the incident that displaced at least 22 families from their homes.

“After an estimated 150,000 gallons of abrasive oil spilled through the Northwoods subdivision of Mayflower, our attorneys worked hard to represent the residents who lived close to the spill,” the law firm Hare Wynn said in a statement.

The law firm did not crow about the dollar settlement it called “favorable,” because the terms of the agreement were sealed, United Press International reported.

The spill estimated at 5,000 barrels of oil provoked a federal investigation, which returned with a 243-page report. That report pointed to tiny flaws in the pipe that likely were there when the pipeline was initially built in the 1940s. By 2017, when a 22-foot rupture in the pipe occurred, the small faults had merged to create a massive crack in the pipeline, the report theorized.

Federal regulators who oversee the movement of hazardous materials through pipelines – the aptly named Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration – in 2015 slapped Exxon Mobile with a $2.63 million fine based on the incident.

Two weeks before Thursday’s announcement, the law firm Davis & Whitlock announced they had reached a settlement for their clients in the case. Davis & Whitlock called their agreement “satisfactory.”


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