Rising sea level threatens Everglades


Rising sea level threatens Mangroves as they are facing the peril of being drowned jeopardizing coastal fraternity and the valued Everglades wetlands. According to the Florida International University analysis, Mangroves situated in South East Florida in a field researched by the researchers are in a process of dying due to creeping away from the accelerating ocean but now have struck a manmade levee and will plunge in water in the next 30 years.

Dr. Randall Parkinson, a coastal geologist at FIU said that they have become abandoned and everything is over. The sea will keep on rising and will be substituted by open water. There are gray clouds over the horizon as deluge is being faced by South Florida this century.

Mangroves constitute the coastal vegetation that develops in salty or brackish water. They form the principle bulwark to storms and salt water encroachment and to the abode of specific water life forms. FIU researchers with the assistance of aerial photography, satellite imagery and sediment cores discovered that mangroves that were situated in the South of Miami were drifting westwards over marshland at a rate of about 100ft a year till they were impeded by the L-31E levee, which is an inundation deterrent in Miami-Dade county, which is their utmost stand.

Some research done previously indicates that the same experiments have taken place in other parts of South Florida, fabricating the region more unguarded to storm such as Hurricane Irma that wreaked havoc in Florida last year and the land is diminishing due to further rise in sea.


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