EPA Emails Showcases Pruitt’s Agenda to Discuss Climate Change


EPA emails showcases Pruitt’s agenda to discuss climate change an idea which was totally blocked out by the White House. The emails were disclosed because of the Freedom of Information Act solicitation by the Natural Resources Defense Council, a nonprofit environmental organization.

In the due course of the vast contour of Mr. Pruitt’s military kind debate plan, known as “red team, blue team,” are already noted, the paperwork displays the limits to which the EPA which is the key federal agency entrusted with safeguarding human health and the environment performed with groups like the Heartland Institute, which have a stature and voice regarding climate change that are out of the core of scientific opinion as assailed to the agency’s own chief scientists.

The Heartland Institute is a traditionalist brain trust that debates the confirmed science of human induced climate change. There were several groups and amongst them was CO2 Coalition which encourages the idea that planet-warming carbon dioxide pollution is advantageous to humans. Academic scientists vociferated that inclusion of these and other organizations were surpassing accepted norms for scientific discussion.

Benjamin D. Santer, a climate researcher at the Energy Department’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory said that the germ that the Heartland Institute should oppress EPA on climate science is bewildering and they lack scientific proficiency. In a statement, Ed Chen, a spokesman for the Natural Resources Defense Council, said that Scientists at the EPA who possess some inclination towards climate science were ambivalent of the red team blue team exercise.