California makes Solar Panels mandatory


California makes Solar Panels mandatory for New Homes, hence this steps makes it to be a first state in the United States to make solar panels mandatory in homes that will be built after 2020.

According to home builders in the state, the option to install solar panels has been continuously offered to buyers who don’t mind the extra cost of green living. However, most people don’t like the idea as they are thinking that it is just added bills to pay.

At least people in the California Energy Commission see otherwise as the group is set to finalize their votes next week on May 9. It will establish the state’s new energy standards. Its aim is to make the sources of renewable energy a requirement for new homes beginning 2020.

The number of installation of solar panels depends on the results of the voting process. Analysts expect California’s energy usage by more than 50 percent once the mandate is passed. Homeowners are told to expect at least an additional $40 to their monthly bills due to the other requirements.

The requirements of upgrading heat transfer standards, non-residential lighting, and ventilation. According to the study the switch will save them approximately $80 on heating, cooling, and lighting.

The homes are likewise exempted from the proposed standard those are located in places shaded by trees. Structures with roofs are too small for standard-sized solar installations.