Uber acquires Bike Share Company


Uber acquires Bike Share Company as it expands beyond cars. This all efforts are for reshaping transportation. The ride-hailing company on Monday said it bought Jump Bikes, a New York-based firm that operates in 40 US cities.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said, “The company wants to make multiple modes of transportation available in its app, including bicycles and subway rides. Bicycles have become trendy because they offer affordable mobility while limiting traffic congestion and pollution.

Some of Uber’s ride-hailing rivals have already invested in bicycles. In the United States, Lyft announced a sponsorship of Baltimore bikeshare stations last month.

“Our ultimate goal is to make life easier without owning a personal car,” Khosrowshahi wrote. Achieving this goal means improving urban life. It will reduce congestion, pollution and the need for parking spaces.

Dockless bikeshare companies have spread quickly across the United States in the last nine months after breakout success in China.

In January, Uber began offering San Francisco customers a way to reserve Jump Bikes from within its app. Jump Bikes CEO Ryan Rzepecki credits that tie-up with boosting the exposure of his startup’s bicycles. The bikes are getting ridden more than six times a day on average, according to Rzepecki.

Given Uber’s scale, Rzepecki expects to be able to spread Jump’s bikes further and faster. In 2019, he plans to make a significant push into Europe. “Now it’s just about shifting mode and perception and getting people willing to try a bike instead of a car.”


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